Tune In: 2015 Blytheville ProSolo

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The eyes of the SCCA SOLO world have turned inward, not in self-reflection, but to see who has dared challenge the Illuminati at the Blytheville ProSolo in the center of the country. What conspiracy reveal would be complete without tension building suspense? In this case, 132 pairs of eyes are turning to the sky: the Chemtrails...

Independent of the atmospheric tinkering, the courses promise to be a challenging affair. Our man Sirhc Dnommah (name altered to protect informant) has provided us with reconnaissance video from 2014: (www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDgZDJPR3YY; www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezTqeewOfuc ), to provide us a look inside the minds of J.Jackson and Grady Wood. Of course to find them, the competitors need to remember to use the intersection function on your GPS for site entrance directions Arkansas Aeroplex Casper St & Dakota Ave Blytheville, AR 72315, or else the secret spring testing and points gathering site will remain cloaked.

Scanning the entry list, there are a few names that pop out among the elite class: Whitener. David and Kim, known to test extensively and a Sponsor like "Black Armor Helmets" they are the favorites in STF, L3, and probably, going into the Challenges. CS has 13 drivers, but it's the 3 Chris's to watch: Harvey/Fenter (count the letters - 12, is a multiple of 3) the chosen duo but you can't count out "Six-run-Levitz" (12 letters, too) from Houston, just ask Paul Brown about the Mineral Wells Pro in 2014. STR has an equally large field and while there are no immediately apparent Illuminati, Ricky Crow, Rob Irish, and Jon Pomrenke will be the three to watch. STS looks like a 12 driver free-for-all, with drivetrain configuration likely playing a big role. Erik Strelnieks in SSM, may be hampered by the Chemtrails without a codriver and that could open the door for Eric Anderson and Kelley Park, who do. R2 seems to be the Porsche class, and the name J. Jackson is suspicious, like he knows something about the course.

Once the posted bounties:

  • $100 cash prize for the 1st "Fail So Close to Perfection" (0.499 red light)
  • $200 cash prize for the 1st "Perfection!" (.500)
  • $200 cash prize to the Top Challenge qualifier.

...are considered, the intrigue builds. Tune your dial to SoloMatters Facebook Page, SoloLive and uStream channels as we break down the Blytheville Conspiracy!

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